Chairman of Ysaye society Japan/General Producer

1952年北九州市出身。桐朋学園大学演奏学科ピアノ専攻、在学中フランスに渡りMarguerite Long、YvesNatの高弟子の一人であるLucetteDescavesのもとで研鑽を積んだ。卒業以来、故郷北九州に在住。日本を代表する演奏家たちと共に、クラシックコンサートの裾野を拡げるコンサート活動を全国各地で展開を行っている。


2016年「ショパンとイザイのバラードをめぐって」 レクチャーコンサートを東京藝大ホール、ドイツ文化会館で、日本・ベルギー友好150周年記念公式催事に認定された「ベルギーの至宝・イザイ名曲コンサート」をブリュッセルと北九州市で3公演開催し演奏、2018年には生誕160周年記念「イザイ音楽祭ジャパン2018」福岡および東京公演をベルギー大使館共催のもとで開催、総合プロデュ―サーとして大成功を収めた。


 Ikuyo Nagata Pianist/ Chairman of Ysaye Society of Japan

Ms. Nagata revised the autographic score of Ballade No.1 which Chopin composed and Eugene Ysaye transcribed for the violin and the piano as world's first edition. Ms. Nagata is the author of the music book titled "La musique de Chopin qu'aiment jouer les violonistes "in English means "Chopin whom the violinists loved ". This book is composed with 5 scores, Ysaye's transcribed Waltz Posthumous-work E minor, the transcribed score of Pablo de Sarasate and August Wilhelmj and Ysaye's Ballade No.1 said above. It was published by Zen-On Music Publication Company with Mr. Tsuguo Tokunaga who supervised the finger-work.

In October, 2013, the Concert sponsored and hosted by Japan Ambassador, Mr.Sakaba and his wife was held at the Ambassador's Residence in Brussels.Ms. Nagata played Ballade No.1 as the Belgian premiere concert with Mr. Tatsuki Narita. The music book was donated to the Belgian Royal Library where there is the Foundation of Ysaye in November of same year and the music book was possessed and registered in the Royal Library.In August, 2014, the Concert sponsored and hosted by Japan Ambassador, Mr.Sasae and his wife was held at the Ambassador's Residence in Washington D.C. Mr. David Plyer who is the researcher of Music Division of the Library of Congress that possessed the Ysaye's autographic score of Ballade No.1 gave commentary and Ms. Nagata played the program including Ysaye's Ballade No.1 with Ms. Reiko Watanabe, August, 2014, Ms. Nagata did the concert consist of performance and lecture of Ysaye's Works at Presbyterian Church in New York. In 2016,Holding a lecture concert <Ballade :Chopin & Ysaye >at the Tokyo GEIDAI Hall & the German Cultural Center held two performances."The Pride of Belgium Ysaye' s music series" accredited as official event for the 150th anniversary of Japan-Belgium friendship with in Brussels and in Kita-kyushu, Three performances she played as pianist. and in 2018 to commemorate the 160th anniversary of birth, holding "Ysaye Music Festival Japan 2018" in Fukuoka and in Tokyo with the Belgian Embassy co-sponsored and great succeed as a comprehensive producer. 

Since 2010, since the establishment of the Ysaye Association of Japanbase on activities as contributing to the popularization and development of classical music & Ysaye's music as chairman of the Ysaye Society of Japan.